Advanced Biochemistry

Snow Du

Which diseases?

Well, we are currently in pandemic for about a year now… so in my mind, I would pick COVID-19 as one of the diseases that I’m interested in. I have always worked with specific enzymes or specific mechanisms, so I really want to know how this knowledge that we have learned in a small scope integrates to a bigger picture such as how does COVID-19 infects us? What are enzymes that help the virus gets into the cell? How does mRNA vaccine work in humans to help us defend COVID? Especially because COVID-19 has been around for more than a year, and there are scientists who are still trying to understand this disease more to make vaccines so there should be a lot of recent information that is out there.

The second disease that I’m thinking about is Rabies, this disease is also caused by a virus and there is still no cure for this disease. What is really interesting to me is the symptoms that people have when they are infected by Rabies, mostly CNS disorder symptoms such as fear of water, excess salivation, hallucination and etc. It would be great to know that after the virus is transmitted through blood and infect the whole CNS. I don’t know, this disease just quite interesting to me since I was a kid, and when adults just told you to stay away from dogs and don’t get bit, I just wonder why…

The last one that I’m thinking of is a bacterial infectious disease, tuberculosis. My dad has infected twice in his life with tuberculosis, as he always says to me that the pills that he had to take have increased dramatically from the last time which likes almost thirty years ago. Tuberculosis was one of the diseases that have no cure for hundreds of years ago, I never really looked into how it actually works, but it would be great to know more about this disease. Though there are cures for this disease now the time that was taken to recover from it is still very long. The increase of pills probably indicates the increase of drug resistance for Turberculosis, I would like to know more about what is the mechanism for this bacteria and what are the target enzymes that the current drugs inhibits.

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