Advanced Biochemistry

Snow Du

Why Biochemistry?

The journey that I decided to become a biochemist all started with when I realized I was good at chemistry. I grew up in a medical family with my dad being a surgeon and with my mom being a nurse. A dream of becoming a physician grew in me since I was young. Fortunately, I also found myself being really good at chemistry and got 100 on almost all chemistry exams. I became more and more comfortable with chemistry and started to fall in love with it.

However, when I entered my Chinese high school, I realized that I cannot fit in the school system in China, I had no choices on what course that I take from semester to semester. Therefore, I came to the United States to continue my high school. I was thrilled that I could take all biology and chemistry classes following my wish. In my last year of high school, I took a biochemistry class with half semester of organic chemistry, half semester of metabolism plus anatomy lab every week. This class has completely changed my view on science, I never felt that how closely related that science and our daily life are. This is the course that started my curiosity on exploring more and more connections between science and life.

In college, Bio I and Bio II were not my favorite classes, they are always showing people the world in such a big picture that I could not understand perfectly. However, Bio III has changed my view and I found a sense of belonging while taking that course, the metabolism, the pathways that happen in human body. How such a tiny molecule can effect the reaction of our body so significantly. How our body can work so efficiently and accurately (most of the time) according to the environment. All of those facts amaze me, they make my body less and less mysterious.

Finally, I had the chance to work with Dr. Keri Colabroy, which I cannot be more grateful to be able to work with her for the past year. She has taught me many things on how to be a professional scientist with her educational advice and patience. In her lab, I got to know more about the chemical biology side of biochemistry, by doing the experiments utilizing all the knowledge that I have learned from the textbook also brings me satisfaction. Thanks to Dr. C, I fell in love with research, everything in the research lab is like solving a puzzle, why we are doing this, how we are doing this, why the results are like this. Though most of the time, the result would not be successful as theory, that’s what research is for, it is to find a way to find the issue and solve it and I can do it tirelessly.

My future goal is to go into the industry, to find more connections that can be built on all the knowledge that I have learned from my biochemistry degree, with the combination of chemistry, biology, physiology, pharmacology, and even more principles that are involved in making all the organisms on the Earth function. It would a real regret not to dig in and understand how the place that breeds us from birth to death works. In the meantime, it would be great to save more people’s lives while fulfilling my own curiosity.

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